Educational Programs

People, like the flowers of the field, grow in love and faith; belief in a better tomorrow and personal capacity for progress and self-development; love for all that is beautiful in the world and for the results of the former.


Under the patronage of the Delphy Institute and the organizations founded by it, the professional staff employed, and collaborator has performed so far several dozens of activities and programs of educational character, consisting of courses, training, conferences, workshops, some with academic status (for students / masters / doctoral students), others with community status, intended for the general public carried out on their own behalf or implemented in larger programs within institutions and organizations such as:

  • BabeĊŸ-Bolyai University (Faculty of Law; Faculty of Mathematics-Computer Science; Faculty of Economic Sciences; Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences; Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance; Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences Faculty of Business, Faculty of Business Environmental Science and Engineering);
  • Technical University, Cluj-Napoca;
  • University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Cluj-Napoca;
  • Bogdan-Voda University (Faculty of Political and Administrative Sciences, Cluj-Napoca);
  • Mercur Cultural-Scientific Foundation;
  • People’s University Cluj-Napoca;
  • Municipal House of Culture, Cluj-Napoca;
  • Regional Center for Adult Education Cluj;
  • Romanian Institute for Transdisciplinary Studies, Hyperion, Cluj-Napoca;
  • Center for Culture-Science-Education, “Amphytrion”, Cluj-Napoca;
  • Business Center of the Business Faculty, Cluj-Napoca;
  • The Writers’ Union, Cluj branch;
  • Cluj Children’s Palace;
  • Cluj-Napoca Student Culture House;
  • Central University Library Cluj-Napoca;
  • Cluj County Library;
  • Agency for Business Initiation and Development, Cluj;
  • Organization for Environment and Sustainable Development, “Green-Way”, Cluj-Napoca;
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cluj.

Among the educational activities carried out over time there are the following too:

  1. Self-knowledge and personal development;
  2. Success management – theoretical and practical course for professional development;
  3. Knowledge and development of managerial personality;
  4. Quality management of personal life;
  5. Fundamentals of human motivation;
  6. Practical methods for increasing individual performance;
  7. Professional behavior: etiquette and business communication;
  8. How to open and run a business in Romania profitably;
  9. Practical methods of spiritual liberation;
  10. Course on environmental law;
  11. Sustainable development management;
  12. Business law course;
  13. Legal techniques, tools and practices in business;
  14. Introduction to the Romanian legislative system (public and private law);
  15. Practical methods of spiritual treatment;
  16. Introduction to the Romanian system of law – public law;
  17. Intercourse in the Romanian system of law – private law;
  18. Theoretical and practical course of cognitive therapy;
  19. Spiritual laws of life and personal development;
  20. How to dismiss our lawyer: drafting, interpreting and using contracts in business;
  21. How to effectively write a diploma paper;
  22. Constitutional law and political institutions;
  23. Elements of administrative law;
  24. Managerial psychology;
  25. Managerial professional training;
  26. Psychology of Being and Human Evolution;
  27. Integrative ecological psychology of personality;
  28. Psychology of contemporary scientific research;
  29. The pedagogy of scientific research (professional training of the scientist);
  30. Management of scientific research in economics;
  31. Methodology of scientific research;
  32. Training of human development advisers;
  33. Management of consulting centers;
  34. Graphology (knowledge of personality in writing);
  35. Knowledge of personality through astrology;
  36. Theoretical and practical astrology course;
  37. Elaboration and presentation of financing projects;
  38. Project management;
  39. Secretarial and administrative techniques;
  40. Strategies and methods regarding the organizational promotion campaign;
  41. Communication management;
  42. 12 steps to a successful business: methods, techniques and strategies for starting and developing your own business;
  43. Company website and intranet;
  44. Computerized computer science;
  45. Company secretarial techniques.