Ioana-Alexandra Năstăsoiu – Legal Advisor

Ioana-Alexandra Năstăsoiu is simultaneous Senior Researcher and Multicultural Business Ambassador at Multicultural Business Institute, Ph.D. student at Technical University from Cluj-Napoca (field of Engineering and Management, with a program addressing female entrepreneurship from the multicultural point of view) and Attorney in Alba County Bar.

Ioana is a graduate of Faculty of Law and Faculty of History and also has a Masters Degree in the Department of Security Studies, all three from “Babeş-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca. Preparations during a human theoretical course followed the last 8 years of university education, laid the foundations for a solid knowledge of human needs, the tools to respond to these needs (political and legal) and the effectiveness of their implementation. The numerous practice stages both in the country and abroad, both in the business environment, in magistrature institutions and in the central or local public administration institutions in Romania, contributed to the creation of a real image of the needs and instruments existing or to be created in the Romanian society environment.

As a promoter of social progress, Ioana has developed 10 scientific research programs and wrote 5 books, academically accredited (of which two CNCSIS – National Council of Scientific Research in Higher Education):

 “Opening of insolvency proceedings: comparative analysis Romania-Germany-USA”, Limes Publishing House, 2017, “Economy & Business Environment” Series, (accredited level CNCSIS)-.

– “Responsibility to Protect: NATO in Crisis and International Conflict Management. Case Study: NATO and the Libyan crisis” Napoca Star Publishing House, 2017, “International Relations & Politics ” Series.

– “The Power in International Security Management: The USSR Nuclear File and the NATO Intervention in the Balkans” – Napoca Star Publishing House, “International Politics & Relationships” Series, 2018

 “Cross-border Co-operation International Community Organization – Case Study: North Atlantic Organization” – Ecou Transilvan Publishing House, 2019, “Politics & International Relations” Series

– “Competitive Intelligence, Smart Power and Soft Power – New Concepts in the Sustainable Management of Global Economic and Political Organizations”, Limes Publishing House, 2018, “Psychology & Human Development” Series (accredited level CNCSIS)



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