Community Programs

Who are we addressing to?

If you want to enjoy your own value, then  give value to the world.


The policy of involvement and community activism of the Institute is achieved through the activities addressed to:

  1. the community organizations (public insititutions and NGOs);
  2. people (regardless of their age and gender);
  3. groups of work/ teams.

and to their invitiatives through which they want to do good to their peers, to the community or to the nature, by means  of social entrepreunerishp such as:

  • setting up and developing NGOs (associations and foundations governed by roumanian specific law: OUG 26/ 2000);
  • projects or programmes desgined for the community;
  • other types of organized initiatives designed for the benefit of the other people, mainly those initiated and accomplised by youth.

What type of activities can we do?

“Do not forget that God sent you in this world to replace HIM, to give meaning, to create, to continue what he started”. (Constantin Noica)

  1. Organizational engineering – designing from A to Z the community organization;
  2. Assistance and support in the implementation and development of organizational structures, projects and programmes;
  3. Management of community organizations;
  4. Marketing of social services and programes;
  5. Project/Programe management;
  6. Organizational image and branding;
  7. Organizational marketing;
  8. Communication and plublic relations;
  9. Management of human resources and development of staff in community organizations;
  10. Strategic management for the success and sustainability of organizations/community projects;
  11. Legal advice;
  12. Accountancy and financial services specific to community activities;
  13. Organizational documents (such as):
  • Status and articles of association;
  • Operational contracts (sponsorship, financing, patronage, barter, donation, provision of services, gency, civil warrant, management etc.);
  • Contracts and documents in the field of human resources (volunteering contracts, job description, protection files of the activity, recommendations, certificates and recommendations, certificates of the volunteers, etc.);
  • Presentation letters, application form, applications for sponsorship etc.;
  • Administrative-secretarial documents;
  • Documents related to the activity of communication and public relations (with state institutions, private organizations, individual or the public);
  • Operational plans, marketing plans, and other similar documents.

What organizations have we created in the last years?

We hereby present you a part of the most important organizations founded, designed, assisted or restructured in the last years of Delphy Institute activity, mainly for youth (students/ graduate students/ doctoral students or graduates) in partnership with faculties/universities, teachers, professionals in different fields, with the support of many public institutions and enterprises and other private institutions, benefiting from the support of thousands of big-hearted people who want to bring positive changes in the world:

1. Multicultural Business Institute (2015);

2. “Ernest Lupan “Institute for Circular Economy (2012);

3. Romanian Values ​​Platform (2016);

4. Academy of Elites, Models and Values ​​(2018);

5. Aryana Center for High-Quality of Life (2019);

6. Amphytrion Center for Culture, Science, Education (2006).

Moreover, in the course of time, the Delphy Institute teams have contributed to the foundation of the following community-oriented organizations:

    • Romanian Institute for Transdisciplinary Studies (1998/ 2002);
    • “Mercur” Cultural-Scientific Foundation (2002-2003);
    • “Andromeda” Center for Consultancy and Human Development (2003-2004);
    • Business Hub of the Business Faculty, Babeş-Bolyai University, (2004-2006);
    • “Artemis” Center for consultancy and design in the management of quality of life, Cluj-Napoca (2004-2005);
    • Business Center of the Business Faculty, Babeş-Bolyai University (2005-2006);
    • “Amphytrion” Center for Culture-Science-Education (2006-2009);
    • Agency for Promoting the Creation and Human Innovation – Students and Teachers Organization of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Npoca (2006);
    • “Arhimede” Invention Workshop –Student Organization of the Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering (2006);
    • “Photo-Art” Club of Photography and Visual Arts (2006);
    • “Green-Way” Organization for Environment and Sustainable Development– Student and Doctoral Studies Organization of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Babeş-Bolyai Universiry, Cluj-Napoca (2006);
    • Pharmacist Student Organizations, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca (redesign; 2006);
    • “Sirius” Poetry Club, Faculty of Communication, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca (2006);
    • “Cristian” Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, Cluj-Napoca (2006);
    • Student Organization of the Technical University, Cluj-Napoca (redesign, 2007);
    • Civil Engineers Organization, Technical University, Cluj (2007);
    • Organization for Agriculture, Nutrition and Sustainable Development, “Helyos”, University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Cluj-Napoca (2006);
    • “Olimp” Entrepreneurial Club, Faculty of Economic Studies and Business Faculty, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca (2007);
    • Agency for the Development of Personality and Human Potential, “Avalon”, (2007);
    • Romanian University Society for Human Creativity, Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology, Faculty of Mathematics-Informatics, Babeş-Bolyai University (2007);
    • Agency for the Development of Personality and Human Potential, “Avalon” (Partnership between Amphytrion Center and many state kindergartens from Cluj), (2007);
    • “Prometheus” Institute for Ethic Research (2007-2008);
    • Agency for Initiation and Business Development ,“AIDA” (2009).