RDI Programs

Research and scientific knowledge are not a purpose in itself, but an efficient meand of continuous improvement of human condition, colective and individual, of improving the daily life of big groups of people, of developing their level f understanding and conscious usage of laws- objectives of nature and society development.

(Petru Pânzaru)


We hereby present you 70 of the most representative programmes of fundamental and applicative scientific research carried out by Delphy Institute staff. The results of these programmes were gathered in published volumes that we kindly invite you to access in books section.

  1. Diplomacy and Cooperation in Social Security Management. Old and New Dilemmas in the European Space;
  2. Process implications of political and social institutions represented in Romanian legislation (constitutional laws, expropriation, abortion, civil servant, public interest financial taxations);
  3. Aspects regarding the sacredness of human existence here and beyond: multicultural spiritual perspectives of some old civilizations;
  4. URSS nuclear doctrine from the point of view of international social security management;
  5. Contributions regarding the enforcement of kaizen philosophy, kaizen management and Anadis method in the economy and organization based on knowledge;
  6. Immersions and structural development in the field of development psychology;
  7. Study on Nord Atlantic Treaty as a practical model of community of social security;
  8. Indian Business Vision;
  9. România Mare and 1940s drama;
  10. Women in the Romanian society of Transylvania: between professional career and family life;
  11. Transparency of administrative papers in the procedure of theoretical and practical matches of adoption;
  12. Multiculturalism and globalization in the contemporary society;
  13. Tools and methods in shaping collective imaginary;
  14. Fundamental symbols of Christian cult;
  15. Comparative research regarding the procedure of bankruptcy in Romanian, German, American laws;
  16. Risks and opportunities in the valorization of natural resources from sustainable perspective;
  17. Comparative study regarding feminine entrepreneurship in Romania, France, Belgium, Morocco and Tunis;
  18. Cultural research with scan of Judaic symbols;
  19. Judicial representation in family law: post-modern perspectives;
  20. Social mechanisms involved in the development of human potential;
  21. Competitive Intelligence versus industrial espionage;
  22. Pyramid of fundamental human needs;
  23. Old and new threats to the spiritual and political identity of Romanian people;
  24. The basis of transdisciplinary research;
  25. Transfer of practices and kaizen techniques in Romanian business environment;
  26. Methods, taxonomy and psychology of professional development for transdisciplinary scientific research;
  27. Legitimacy of human interventions from religious perspective;
  28. Management psychology and performances;
  29. Socio-political perspectives of some historical phenomena in modern Europe;
  30. NATO during crisis in Libya. Protection responsibility during crisis management and international conflicts;
  31. Associative judicial structures of business participation;
  32. Romanian spiritual values in European context;
  33. Scientific fundamentals of the integrative process regarding the social engineering of life quality;
  34. Security Policy of the Russian Federation. Tactics and Strategies for Combating Terrorism;
  35. Laws and systemic processes at human mind level;
  36. Smart power and soft power – implications on international security;
  37. Science and process practice of counseling regarding life quality;
  38. Research regarding feminine entrepreneurship from multicultural perspective at global level– with direct application on Arabic culture;
  39. Organization, functioning of the centre-type for management of life quality;
  40. Opening of the universe – insight in the world of vicious circles;
  41. Sacred mathematics;
  42. Interior geometry;
  43. Logic of the included third party;
  44. Fundamentalist Terrorism. The Role of Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood in Constituting Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorist Organizations;
  45. The basis of natural integration in life;
  46. Geometry in support of formative schooling;
  47. Mental system – treaty of cognitive therapy;
  48. From salvation to redemption : between Messianism and Christology;
  49. Universal laws of the mental system;
  50. Mental system – treaty of cognitive therapy;
  51. Ontological basis of paideic education;
  52. Textbook of the scientist in economy;
  53. Environments and support structures for entrepreneurial initiatives (centres and business hubs);
  54. Russia and the West. A history lesson of geo-strategy by  Nicolae Titulescu for the future of Romania;
  55. The basis, processes, pedagogy, taxonomy and development of the expert in management and entrepreneurship;
  56. Ecological education, sustainable development and life quality;
  57. Decisive factors of life quality: education, religion, culture, business environment, socio-human values;
  58. Community and business environment;
  59. Governance and national security in the EU context;
  60. Interior Evangel – practical methods of spiritual evolution;
  61. Fundamental dimensions of community development: education, economy and social environment;
  62. Interior universe of power: scientific and process fundamentals of mechanisms and means of manifestations of power in the human society;
  63. Systemic model and the pyramid of evolution of economic systems according to the need of development of human being as an individual and as a community;
  64. Meditations on theological political subjects from historic perspective;
  65. The integrative sociological codependency relationship between human and community;
  66. Judicial anthropology studies regarding feminine crimes in Romania;
  67. Intelligence Methods Applied in Contemporary Personal, Organizational and Social Security;
  68. Prophecy and Messianism in the Old Testament;
  69. Studies on the Muslim cult in Romania;
  70. Management Tools and Policies Used in Global Expansion Strategies. China of the New Millennium.