Through its communitary nature, Delphy Institute, according to the staff possibilities existing at a certain point, it offered  (and it still offeres) free-of-charge, services intended to satisfy the individual and organizational needs of people and private or public institutions  that genuinly want to produce a positive change in the world, to bring progress and welfare in people’s, communities’ and nature’s lives. 


  1. Personal services
  • Existential counselling: the discovery and the accomplishment of the meaning of life and the own reason of being, of the place and the own purpose in the word and in the destiny;
  • Spiritul counselling;
  • Self-awareness;
  • Personal development;
  • Personal marketing;
  • Personal branding and self image;
  • Analysis and interpretation of dreams;
  • Empowerment and leadership;
  • Management of personal success.
  1. Career services
  • Vocational discovery;
  • Career projection;
  • Career management;
  • Professional  marketing;
  • Professional branding;
  • School and academic marketing;
  • Communication and public relations;
  • Etiquette, personal dignity and superior behaviour (social, professional);
  • Etics and professional deontology;
  • Resolving conflicts;
  • Success management (success strategies);
  • Decisions and risks management.
  1. Couple services
  • Marital counseling;
  • Planning regarding the discovery of the right couple relationship;
  •  Couple relationship management.
  1. Services for success
  • Decisions management;
  • Analysis and evaluation of opportunities;
  • Projection of  successful methods and strategies adjusted to the needs and goals;
  • Strategic planning;
  •  Fixing the past errors and recovery of prejudices.


  1. Organizational engineering – projection from A to Z of the community organization;
  2. Assistance and support for the implementation and development of the organizational structures, projects and programmes;
  3. Management of community organizations
  4. Marketing of social services and programmes;
  5. Project/Programme management;
  6. Organizational image and branding;
  7. Organizational marketing;
  8. Communication and public relations;
  9. Management of human resources and the development of staff in the community organizations;
  10. Strategic management for the success and sustainability of community organizations/projects;
  11. Organizational documents (such as):
  12. Statutes and articles of association;
  13. Operational contracts (sponsorship, financing, patronage, barter, donation, provision of services, agency, civil warrant, management etc.);
  14. Contracts and documents in the field of human resources (volunteering contracts, job description, safety sheet, recommendations, certificates and recommendations, certificates of the volunteers etc.);
  15. Presentation papers, grant applications, sponsorship applications etc.;
  16. Administrative-secretarial documents;
  17. Documents connected to communication and public relations activities (with state institutes, private organizations, individuals or the public);
  18. Operational plans, marketing plans and the like;
  19. Judicial counselling;
  20.  Accountacy and financing services specific to community actions.