Youth Programs

Delphy Institute, the professional and volunteer staff have created a tradition from getting actively involved in the support of youth, mainly in that specific period of their existence when they seek the right solutions for personal and professional development, the achievement of the socio-professional, career and family goals as well as the achievement of a superior quality of life: during high school, faculty and in the first years after graduation.

We also got involved in the life and destiny of youth supporting their aspirations in various ways, the most frequent ones being:

We offer free-of-charge (within the limit of staff availability that we have) counseling services, assistance, support, planning in the following fields:

  1. Personal services
  • Existential counselling: the discovery and the accomplishment of the meaning of life and the own reason of being, of the place and the own purpose in the word and in the destiny;
  • Spiritul counselling;
  • Self-awareness;
  • Personal development;
  • Personal marketing;
  • Personal branding and self image;
  • Analysis and interpretation of dreams;
  • Empowerment and leadership;
  • Management of personal success;
  1. Career services
  • Vocational discovery;
  • Career projection;
  • Career management;
  • Professional  marketing;
  • Professional branding;
  • School and academic marketing;
  • Communication and public relations;
  • Etiquette, personal dignity and superior behaviour (social, professional);
  • Etics and professional deontology;
  • Resolving conflicts;
  • Success management (success strategies);
  • Decisions and risks management.
  1. Couple services
  • Marital counseling;
  • Planning regarding the discovery of the right couple relationship;
  •  Couple relationship management.
  1. Services for success
  • Decisions management;
  • Analysis and evaluation of opportunities;
  • Projection of  successful methods and strategies adjusted to the needs and goals;
  • Strategic planning;
  •  Fixing the past errors and recovery of prejudices.

We create national platform type organizations, specialized in responding to young people’s needs

  1. Romanian Values Platform – aimed at supporting the valuable Romanian youth, (and foreigners who want to settle in Romania), in the process of obtaining and accrediting the own expertize at the highest level possible, and then to find the best professional position and social condition here, in Romania, in private and public professional environments, staying here to bring progress and development both to their life and to their environment. In the last 3 years of activity, the programme supported more than 80 young people and contributed to the development of the national patromony by more than 140 accredited/validates and registered works. We kindly invite you to find our more about this platform here:;
  1. Academy of Elites, Models and Values– an organization that is a leading light of youth for their socio-valuable revival at higher rates through the power of example offered by reliable grown-ups, examples of life/family/ destiny and experience, as well as through their superior accomplishments in the Romanian society. Only a year after its founding, the Academy has by its side tens of personalities from different social segments from our country and abroad (diplomacy, academic environment, business environment, cultural and social institutions, scientists, men of culture, business men, founders of organizations or programmes focused on the society, personalities from socio-professional and spiritual fields). The Academy Programmes are designed to youth focusing on learning, example, achievements, support and leadership offered by these personalities, among them being great leading lights such as: Pope Francisc himself, members of the Romanian Academy, Romanian and foreign important officials, great founders of innovative businesses and organizations from Romania, great activists for positive change etc. We kindly invite you to follow the Academy website here:;
  2. Aryana Center (Center for Life Quality and Human Condition Management) having the mission to fulfill the individual and community human needs, as a means of improving the life quality standard and the progress of human condition, by offering to its beneficiaries services and programmes (consultancy and projection in life quality management, empowerment, coaching, assistance and support in the implementation) designed for the discovery and manifestation of personal values such as the acheivement of success in individual and organizational actions to the benefit of others’ well being (people, community, nature) and of the general progress of our world:;
  3. Multicultural Business Institute – organization aimed at supporting valuable young people who act as progress producers for our world, at a global, multicultural context, through research-development-innovation activities at the interface between the academic environment (education and research institutions) and the applicative environment (factories, clinics, workshops, farms, offices, production and  sale establishments and the like from our country and abroad). Today, 6 years after its founding, the institute has more than 50 young people from more that 30 fields of activity, with a portfolio of more than 200 research- decelopment-innovation programmes, more than 150 published books (including their results) and a network of more than 300 supporting bodies (companies, universities, teachers, business men, diplomatic personalities, consulates, foreign cultural institutes, administrative public institutions,etc):

We project and offer support for the development of youth and for youth organizations, designed to promote their interests during school time

  1.  “Andromeda” center for consultancy and human development (2003);
  2. Business Hub of the Business Faculty, Babeş-Bolyai University, (2004-2006);
  3. “Artemis” Center for consultancy and design in the management of quality of life, Cluj-Napoca (2005);
  4. Business Center of the Business Faculty, Babeş-Bolyai University ( (2005-2006);
  5. Agency for Promoting the Creation and Human Innovation – Students and Teachers Organization of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca (2006);
  6. “Amphytrion” Center for Culture-Science-Education (with 26 organizations included, including students, graduate students, doctoral students from 18 faculties of 5 university from Cluj Napoca) (2006);
  7. “Arhimede” Invention Workshop –Student Organization of the Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering (2006);
  8. “Photo-Art” Club of photography and visual arts, Amphytrion Center  (2006);
  9. “Green-Way” Organization for Environment and Sustainable Development– Student and Doctoral Studies Organization of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Engineering , Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca (2006);
  10. Pharmacist Student Organizations, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca (redesign; 2006);
  11. “Sirius” Poetry Club, Faculty of Communication, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca (2006);
  12. “Cristian” Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, Cluj-Napoca (2006);
  13. Student Organization of the Technical University, Cluj-Napoca (redesing, 2007);
  14. Civil Engineers Organization, Technical University, Cluj (2007);
  15. Organization for Agriculture, Nutrition and Sustainable Development, “Helyos”, University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Cluj-Napoca (2006);
  16. “Olimp” Entrepreneurial Club, Faculty of Economic Studies and Business Faculty, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca (2007);
  17. Agency for the Development of Personality and Human Potential, “Avalon”, (2007);
  18. Romanian University Society for Human Creativity, Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology, Faculty of Mathematics-Informatics, Babeş-Bolyai University (2007);
  19. Agency for the Development of Personality and Human Potential, “Avalon” (Partnership between Amphytrion Center and many state kindergartens from Cluj), (2007);
  20. “Prometheus” Institute for Ethic Research (2007-2008)- the first Romanian institution (and the only one at the moment) that prepared professional in the field of etics through academic qualification at the level of Doctoral School.


We create and implement lectures in educational environments designed to support the young people to adapt to the real contexts of life and today’s labour market.

Throughout time, according to the possibilities offered by our partners (universities or other educational organizations) we have implemented different types of educational sessions, some of them being:

  1. Self-awareness and personal development;
  2. Knowledge and development of management personality;
  3. Personal life quality management;
  4. The basis of human motivation;
  5. Practical methods for increasing the individual performances;
  6. Professional behaviour: etiquette and business communication;
  7. How to start and manage profitably a business in Romania;
  8. Management of sustainable development;
  9. Business law lecture;
  10. Techniques, instruments and legal practice in business;
  11. Management of succes– theoretical and practical lecture for professional development;
  12. Theoretical and practical lecture of cognitive therapy;
  13. How to write efficiently a diploma paper;
  14. Management psychology;
  15. Management professional development;
  16. Psychology of human being and human being evolution;
  17. Psychology of contemporary scientific research;
  18. Pedagogy of scientific research (professional development of the scientist);
  19. Management of scientific research in economy;
  20. Training of counselors for human development;
  21. Project management;
  22. Secretarial and administrative techniques;
  23. 12 steps towards a successful business: methods, techniques and strategies regarding the initiation and development of your own business;
  24. Internet and intranet websites of the company;
  25. Computerized typing;
  26. Secretarial techniques of the company.