The genuine meaning of life must be rather discovered in the world than in the inside of the human or his mind. The human condition always corrects and it is corrected by something or someone that is different from the self: it is either a goal to achieve or another human being to meet.

 The more you forget about you– giving yourself to the cause or to loving someone else- the more human and the more accomplished you become.

(Victor Frankl)

Delphy Institute has the mission to support the processes of universal evolution of the human being and the progressive development of the community, understood as a medium of coexistence, both material and spiritual, of all the human cultures/civilizations in harmony with the other beings of the Gaia (Planet Earth) ecosystems.

Delphy Institute is an Academic & Social Privat Professional Institution that create and offer instruments and means (knowledge, expertize, know-how, support, asistance, services and products) for human being to evolve and flourish at her highest potential and for society’s cells (family and organizations) to develop and manifest at their best condition, so that, both of them – people and organizations – working togheter, to be able to create new lines of force for the future paradigms, for how to be, how to live, how to work and how to contribute to sustainable planetary communion of humanity, in complete harmony and symbiosis with the beings and elements of the terrestrial ecosystem.