Not to explain – more precisely to re-explain (which time in a row!) – the human and the society he lives in,  is a really herculean work of art, but to practically change the existence and human consciousness – of millions of people – to contribute as humble but as effective as possible to the understanding of the human being from peer to peer, by the society as well and thus to try to help the most difficult issue: making the human nature better.

(Petru Pânzaru)

Delphy – Institute for Human and Community Development – is the place where we gather the creations of man put in the service of the good of the world. Because we care for a fully developed human being, who consciously lives at her highest potential of self-expression in a beautiful thriving world, in complete harmony and symbiosis with all beings of Gaia’s (Planet Earth) ecosystems.

In the memory of ancestral times, when the permanent communication of people with the Divinity was a way of live, a law of community development and a way of individual progress, the Institute was named “Delphy”.  

This name gathers under its calling – today symbolical – all those who, during their existence in this world, became aware of their status, responsibility and mission to contribute, according to their capabilities, to the progress of science, community and human being. Because the human is what he thinks of and becomes what he does.