Fundamental objectives

The common capital of human association is a living organization, in the process of continually upheaval whose evolution cannot take place without everyone’s constant efforts.

(Leon Bugeois)

  1. Emancipation of human being and improvement of the individual and group consciousness standard to superior levels of universal development.
  2. Identification of the best methods for the free-creative expression of the human being and at the same time their translation into superior states of mind, favourable for the creative act of highly universal value as well as the valorization of the results of progressive-creative manifestations within the community, aiming at improving the level of individual and collective life quality.
  3. Material, social, humanitarian, educational, spiritual and any other type of support of those who want to materialize their creative capacities for the benefit of the human community, those who want to give, from their soul and effort, to their peers and whole mankind, cultural, material or spiritual values (scientific, philosophical, artistic, religious, etc.)
  4. Popularization of cultural values and human civilization through a trans-cultural attitude, in order to make understandable the components of a culture in any other culture by the translation and its transposition into universal forms and models, transcendent to the limits of the historic time.
  5. Support of the development and implementation into the human communities of a new educational system that can facilitate the growth and harmonious development of the human personality throughout life and at all levels of its psychical constitution.
  6. Promotion and sharing of sacred vision of life, living creature and universe, derived from the authentic understanding of the meaning of the existence through the discovery of human spirituality in perfect harmony with the big cosmic cycles, in an attitude of a profound interior emotion.
  7. Support of the process of accomplishment of global consciousness and responsibility both individual and collective in front of human actions, both regarding the Earth’s Ecosystem and the individuals of every species co-participant to the symbiosis of life on our Planet.

Instrumental objectives

The meaning of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be a man of honour, to be understanding and to change something in this world thanks to the fact that you lived and you lived well.

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

  1. Setting-up educational structures in formal, non formal and informal systems by cooperating both with governmental and private law factors or individuals, from Romania or abroad.
  2. Setting-up institutions of research-development-innovation or the participating together with individual or legal entities, national or foreign, in the carrying out of such activities.
  3. Setting-up centers of consultancy, guidance, support and management of quality of life and, at the same time, of the individual human condition (personal), social (community) and spiritual.
  4. Setting-up laboratories of development-innovation and technological production, in order to identify and offer to public use new products and services aimed at increasing the quality standard of life and at accomplishing an increased level of fulfillment of human condition.
  5. Setting-up centers of studies, survey, prospecting and analysis in the same direction as mentioned before.
  6. Organization of humanitarian and charitable activities of any kind as well as the participation in these activities; organization and participation in ecological activities of protection and development of life on Earth.
  7. Organization of public events: symposiums, conference, festivals, shows, exhibitions and other similar events.
  8. Setting-up museums, publishing houses, printing houses, exhibitions and any other formal structures of promoting the values of human spirituality.
  9. Setting-up commercial enterprises or carrying out directly economical activities, both in order to obtain the needed resources to attain the goals and objectives of the Institute and to valorize for the benefit of the human community the results derived from our activities.