Oana-Elena Hopîrtean-Negoiță – Human Resources Specialist

Oana-Elena Hopîrtean-Negoiță

  • Senior Researcher at the Multicultural Business Institute, Cluj-Napoca;
  • Scientific researcher at the Institute for Human and Community Development, Cluj-Napoca;
  • PhD student at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Department of Education Sciences, “Babeş-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca;
  • Author of 2 volumes with professional and utilitarian status, being published;
  • Author of 3 books with academic (scientific) and professional status, being published;
  • Kaizen specialist, with university studies, volunteering, research and practical activity since 2010;
  • Engineer Kaizen, S.C. Sunimprof Rottaprint S.R.L., Cluj-Napoca;
  • Coordinator of the Support Team for Kaizen – OBEYA, S.C. Sunimprof Rottaprint S.R.L., Cluj-Napoca;
  • Collaborator, KAIZEN ™ Institute Romania, Bucharest;
  • Specialist in Quality Management and Engineering, Faculty of Machine Constructions, Technical University, Cluj-Napoca;
  • Degree in Management of European Institutions, Faculty of European Studies, “Babeş-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca;
  • Multilateral activity since 15 years, in organizations, projects and programs in the fields of: charity, human development, formal and non-formal education, ecology, continuous improvement, social kaizen, experiential learning, social entrepreneurship.